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Hi there! :D First off, let me start by saying you have a beautiful blog! (: Okay to my question. How do I get an image thingy on my theme? Like the one you have of the wayfinder trio and Mickey? I really can't put the question in words so yeah, that's why I'm asking you cx Sorry if this is a bother btw.

I’m sorry I didn’t answer this till now considering I was on hiatus for like 6 months. Well, you just have to go to customize either from your site homepage or your blog posts then boom pop background and place a badboy into there

and not a bother at all! 

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Master Keyblade" by Drew Wise
$11 t-shirt only available for 24 hours at Teefury! ♥

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Kingdom Hearts ♛ Enemies
Nobodies ━ [1/??]

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Minnie: We’ve created something special — an ice cream flavor just for you. What do you think?

“Mmm, wow! It’s great!”

“Delicious! You couldn’t have picked a better flavor.”

“Mmm! This is fantastic!”

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鍵剣戦隊 / Troy

I wonder how many followers the username ryotakise got on this considering I made this gif under that but never changed it lol

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chicken and egg question: does braig/xigbar run like a fucking idiot because he’s used to teleporting everywhere, or did he learn to teleport everywhere because he runs like a fucking idiot

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How to talk to Dusks 101: wiggle wiggle wiggle

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"I love Kingdom Hearts!!"


"Oh, I never played the side games, they don’t matter"


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Anybody would choose that.

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